Why NTDs?

Neglected tropical disease (NTDs)Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) are the most common diseases of the world’s poor.

Most people have never have heard of diseases like elephantiasis, river blindness, snail fever, trachoma, roundworm, whipworm or hookworm. But nearly one in six people globally, including more than half a billion children, have these diseases. Without treatment, NTDs can lead to lifelong disabilities and suffering.

Just 50¢ can treat and protect a person against all seven of the most common NTDs for up to one year.


The pills to treat the seven most common NTDs are donated by pharmaceutical companies, making NTD treatment one of the most cost-effective health programs available. 

Treating NTDs is necessary to ensure that efforts to aid nutrition, education, health and economic productivity are successful. Controlling and eliminating NTDs is critical to ending extreme poverty.

100% of donation to END7 go directly to treatment programs.

100% of donations to END7 go

directly to treatment programs