• Hookworm
  • Trichuriasis (whipworm)
  • Ascariasis (roundworm)
  • Lymphatic Filariasis
  • Trachoma

children at risk for INTESTINAL WORMS

In the last 10 years, Vietnam has made progress in controlling two neglected tropical diseases (NTDs): lymphatic filariasis, a painful and disfiguring disease transmitted by mosquitoes, and trachoma, an infectious disease of the eye. But 53 out of 63 provinces remain at risk for intestinal worms, and only four to six million children in these provinces are being treated for intestinal worms each year. People living in poor, rural areas are not receiving the medicine they need to prevent and treat NTDs. 


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In 2014, END7 supported a mass drug administration (MDA) in Vietnam to protect children from intestinal worms. More than 700,000 school aged children in nine different provinces were treated for intestinal worms. The MDA was led by Vietnam's Ministry of Health. 

END7 pledged $100,000 to help train the health and education workers who distrbuted the medicine to children. Funding also supported the transportation of medicine to areas in need. END7 funds are now supporting the country’s efforts to monitor and evaluate the success of the campaign.


work continues

Additional resources are needed to ensure that children in each of Vietnam’s 53 endemic provinces receive treatment each year. If all endemic provinces are treated regularly, Vietnam can eliminate NTDs.


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Key Interventions
in Vietnam
  • Training

    health workers and volunteers

  • Mass Drug Administration

    to treat entire communities

  • Transportation

    of donated medicine