Giving the Gift of Good Health

Join Us in the Fight to End Neglected Tropical Diseases




We're making progress in the fight against neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). Momentum is growing to end the most common neglected tropical diseases by 2020. 

Global institutions are recognizing the importance of treating and preventing NTDs in the poorest populations to improve nutrition, increase maternal and child health and other development interventions. 700 million people are treated for NTDs, but we still have work to do.

These diseases continue to debilitate and disfigure one in six people worldwide. NTDs prevent kids from growing, playing and going to school, and hinder adults from working and caring for their families.

100% of donations go directly towards NTD treatment programs. It costs just 50 cents to treat and protect a person from all 7 of the most common NTDs for an entire year. 3 dollars can help a family, and 50 dollars can help a community. Make a donation now, and consider making your donation a gift for a friend, family member or co-worker.

Why NTDs?

NTDs are the most common diseases of the world’s poor. Spread by insects like mosquitoes and flies, or through contact with contaminated water or soil, these diseases disable and debilitate one in six people worldwide, including half a billion children. NTDs perpetuate a cycle of poverty that continues from generation to generation.We fight these diseases because of the horrific impact that they have on poor communities, and because we know they can be beaten by the end of this decade.

About END7

END7 is an international advocacy campaign that seeks to raise the awareness and funding necessary to control and eliminate the seven most common neglected tropical diseases affecting 1.4 billion people by 2020.  The international effort to control and eliminate NTDs has the support of a diverse group of global partners, and is run by the Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases, an initiative of the Sabin Vaccine Institute.