About Us

END7 is an advocacy campaign of the Sabin Vaccine Institute to end the most common neglected tropical diseases (or NTDs). Most people have never have heard of diseases like elephantiasis, river blindness, snail fever, trachoma, roundworm, whipworm, or hookworm. But nearly one in six people globally have these diseases and more than 800 million children are at risk of infection by one or more of them.    Without treatment, they can lead to lifelong disabilities and suffering. But the solution to these diseases is relatively simple: For only 50 cents, we can provide one person with treatment and protection against all seven NTDs for up to one year. 

END7 seeks to raise awareness of the seven most common NTDs and the resources necessary to eliminate them by 2020. Donations to END7 go directly to help communities set up treatment programs that they manage themselves. 

END7 supporters include student leaders in more than a dozen countries, celebrities and concerned citizens across the globe. They call upon global political and philanthropic leaders, as well as national governments in endemic countries, to make modest funding commitments to help cut the transmission cycles of these diseases, and control and eliminate them as a public health threat by the end of this decade.

NTD treatment is one of the most cost-effective health programs available today. Since the pills to treat the seven most common NTDs are donated by pharmaceutical companies, the costs are limited to distributing medicine to the people who need them most and ensuring that treatment programs are effective. 

Take action with END7. Together we can see the end!